The end of the SA Blog Awards?

With the greatest of respect Seth, I think this is going a little too far …  I don’t think this kind of attack is justified and I really don’t think this is fair on Jonathan Cherry, the judges or the people who voted.  Sure the process is controversial but best the best isn’t really the point.  I really don’t want to rehash what I have posted already.  This latest development is really disappointing.  I maintain that this whole thing is largely a communication issue and not some insidious plot to promote unworthy blogs at the expense of more worthy blogs.  We are all in this together and what benefits some of us, benefits us all.

Can someone send me the link to the Sunday Times article?  I assume it is on the site but I can’t find it.  Otherwise, if someone can send me the print article that would be awesome!  I didn’t buy the paper today.  Vincent posted a copy of the article on his blog and Carly sent me the text (thanks Carly).

One more thing: Dave commented on this post and I went and deleted it instead of rescuing it from Spam Karma (damn buttons are so confusing).  He has posted his thoughts on his blog (in case you didn’t see the post).  I agree with him that the debate is healthy.  The fact that so many people are going on about this on the Web points to the fact that lots of people are on the Web and using social and other media and that is a great thing in itself.  Sorry about the deletion Dave!  My bad.

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