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  • Thank you for the wonderful Opportunity to visit Mars

    This last week saw the official end of the Opportunity rover’s mission on Mars. NASA was unable to coax it back to life after signalling it for about eight months. This remarkable rover continued exploring Mars long after it’s original 90 day mission. There is a wealth of imagery, and other information available on the […]

  • Something for all those writers looking for tips to create more engaging and, sometimes, shocking headlines.

  • My idea of a strong password has been a random string of characters and this xkcd comic seems to say that a random collection of ordinary words may be more secure.

  • Love this one from xkcd

  • I came across this one in my Tumblr feed (thanks Wil Wheaton). Pretty funny and, at the same time, a nice reminder that even “advanced” democracies like the United States can be a bigger shambles than our little backwater country: Source: xkcd

  • The porn folder

    I have a growing appreciation for xkcd.com, being a late discovery for me. This one is funny for so many reasons, many of which only true geeks would appreciate: