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  • School fees for writers

    School fees for writers are those experiences you go through when you learn to write more effectively. Just being a good writer isn’t enough. You have to learn to adapt your writing for your objectives and that can feel like starting from scratch.

  • Embrace your work in progress

    Seth Godin’s post suggesting that you should show your work in progress reminds me about one of the aspects of blogging that appeals to me.

  • Why Slack release notes are so much fun

    If you love Slack release notes as much as I do then you’ll love this article by Slack’s Anna Pickard with insights into her team’s approach to release notes.

  • You’re miserable because you’re not writing

    If you are a writer you need to write. If you are miserable, you are probably not writing and the only solution is to return to your writing and just write something.

  • Do fewer people trust bloggers?

    Do fewer people trust bloggers the more people take to the Web to publish their thoughts and use their newfound publishing platforms to pitch their products, services and talents?

  • “… something as wondrous as writing.”

    I love Susan Orlean’s thoughts about writing and her quote about appreciating “having an opportunity to do something as wondrous as writing” really stands out for me this morning.

  • My favourite writing advice

    I started reading “Famous Advice on Writing: The Collected Wisdom of Great Writers” and thought I’d share some of my favourite quotes (so far).

  • Om Malik’s advice on writing good blog posts

    Om Malik has published his advice on writing good blog posts and it is a treat for writers. He is one of my favourite writers and I had to share this with you.