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  • Spider-Man Loves You

    I’m working with my team at a meetup in Lisbon, and really enjoying this track from the Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse soundtrack:

  • Today’s musical salvation – “It’s In The Way That You Use It”

    Some days a little musical assistance makes a lot of difference when the day seems to be crawling towards its conclusion. Today’s musical salvation is an oldie from Eric Clapton titled “It’s In The Way That You Use It” from way back in 1986. I created a playlist with a bunch of oldies, mostly from the 20th…

  • “I must get my words down every day …”

    “I must get my words down every day …”

    Do you have those days when you don’t know what to write or even feel like writing but, at the same time, you know you just have to write something?

  • Working dogs

    I worked from home this afternoon and our dogs joined me in the couch. I don’t think they were quite putting in the effort I was.

  • Work equals Play equals Purpose

    I just watched a terrific video titled “All work and all play” which contrasts attitudes towards work Baby Boomers, Generation X’ers and Millenials have. All work and all play from Box1824 on Vimeo. I am definitely a Generation X person (at least my roots are there and that is the generation that influenced my ideas…

  • Hangouts, an alternative to regular client office visits

    I work at a client’s offices in Fourways once a week. The idea is to be in the office working so people can discuss issues with me on an ad hoc basis and so I can touch base with my client’s management on important issues. I love being in their space, its a dynamic client…