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  • The missing piece in my Python scripts

    The missing piece in my Python scripts

    My quest to automate parts of my workflows usually involves writing Python scripts to streamline some of my tasks as a Happiness Engineer. One output has confused me for far longer than it should have, and I was shown the light today (in the form of a pretty simple solution). My dilemma Many of my…

  • What? Me? Procrastinate?

    What? Me? Procrastinate?

    Wow, Tim Urban’s TED Talk just speaks to why I procrastinate and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

  • IFTTT v Pinboard

    IFTTT v Pinboard

    In the IFTTT v Pinboard battle, the users are hurt the most. It looks like Pinboard will not be supported by IFTTT when IFTTT transitions to its new platform. That sucks.

  • A good experience at Home Affairs is possible

    Update (2014-10-13): I received some feedback on how to expedite applications you submit to Home Affairs so read through to the end of the post for those tips. We’ve had to apply for birth certificates and other documents from the Department of Home Affairs for a little travel we have coming up so I’ve spent…

  • Pretty productive morning at the office

    I still have a couple hours of work ahead of me but much of that is a new, more developed project management workflow for my businesses.