So this is what a normal weekend is?

I usually work on weekends. It’s become practically unavoidable in recent months. I usually work a couple hours on a morning, either a Saturday or Sunday.

This weekend I didn’t work at all even though I meant to get a few hours work done over the weekend. Instead, I spent time with my family, took photos and even got to the gym for some much needed physical activity and I am probably going to start my insanely busy week a bit more relaxed.

So this is what the rest of you do? Nice!

Home time, shut down

One of my clients mentioned to me that he doesn’t open his laptop when he is home. He would rather go into the office a little earlier, stay a little later than work at home. At first it sounded a little extreme but I have come to really like the idea. I’ve started shutting my laptop down when I leave the office and leaving it in my bag until I return to work the next morning. I even try leave my iPhone by my bed weekday evenings. The result is being more present for my children and wife. Even our dogs seem to be more engaged. Another plus is I feel like I have had a real break from work when I return the next morning.