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  • Take a long walk

    Take a long walk

    I’ve been walking to work and on short errands a bit lately. I decided to walk today instead of driving to work and the walk home reminded me that walking can be a great way to wind down after a hectic day. If you think you live too far to walk, just consider Steve Wright’s…

  • Giving up your desk

    Perspective is everything, and there’s nothing like having your desk whisked away to provide perspective. Read Mike Stopforth’s post titled “5 things I learned when I lost my desk“. It’s a pretty good read with a few intriguing insights.

  • Remarkable because of boundaries

    Here is another Seth Godin gem before I get back to my small mountain of work: You build something remarkable because of the boundaries, not without them. Definitely a strong theme for me today.

  • A reminder of what its all about, at least for me

    Wow, what a year this has been. “Challenging” doesn’t quite describe it for me. My business is evolving rapidly and about to take what could potentially be a radical leap in a fairly different direction and while I’m excited about it, it also scares me more than a little (which means it is probably also…

  • Needing Permission

    I found myself in an interesting position. I was doing some work for a community project and a manager who had a different approach to handling some aspects of the project began to assert herself more. It began to feel as if my contribution wasn’t appreciated, even though it was very much needed and the…

  • Doing the work you love is a path to meaning and fulfilment

    In his post “The problem with “do what you love””, Rian van der Merwe linked to Miya Tokumitsu’s article in Slate which is titled “In the Name of Love” in which she critiques the idea that we should do the work we love: There’s little doubt that “do what you love” (DWYL) is now the…

  • Broadband to combat road rage

    I just had a little commute-battle through traffic. What a total waste of time! Fast, affordable and reliable broadband, coupled with smarter thinking about how we work, must be a solution to road congestion and road rage. So next time there is a road rage incident, it’s Telkom’s fault.

  • So this is what a normal weekend is?

    I usually work on weekends. It’s become practically unavoidable in recent months. I usually work a couple hours on a morning, either a Saturday or Sunday. This weekend I didn’t work at all even though I meant to get a few hours work done over the weekend. Instead, I spent time with my family, took…