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  • Summoning demons in Word

    Ah, yes, MS Word, my old nemesis … 😂 Source: Meredith Ireland

  • A desperate plea to MS Office lovers everywhere

    A desperate plea to MS Office lovers everywhere

    Dear MS Office lover Although I don’t see the appeal*, I understand that you love using Microsoft Office for your daily tasks. It seems like pretty good software, and if it helps you become more efficient, then that’s terrific. Anyhoo, I’ve noticed that many of you have a tendency to do some interesting things with […]

  • Could MultiMarkdown replace Word for lawyers?

    I have a largely unpleasant history with MS Word. I avoid using it as much as I can (and when I do use it, I use it primarily because other lawyers we deal with are using it and I pause my resistance when it can cost me excessive time and money). It is, however, the […]

  • When lawyers kill fairies

    A fairy dies every time lawyers create documents that look as dense as this. And yes, we’re partly to blame for the fairy population devastation by participating in this madness. I’m resisting the urge to totally reformat this document …

  • LaTeX for lawyers

    My mom had an interesting suggestion for document creation. She works with engineers who apparently share my Word loathing and they use LaTeX. It’s really geeky but an interesting option. If I understand it correctly, its basically a syntax/schema which seems to work a bit like HTML or Markdown in the sense that you’re using […]

  • Word War 2 and I'm looking to @scrivenerapp for sanctuary

    My first Word War lasted so long I don’t remember when it began. I won’t rehash the sorry tale or recount my casualties but a few months ago I reached a détente with the Redmond Ravager and began to learn its ways and customs when it comes to styles. It seemed a lasting peace was […]