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  • Those crazy, early months as a learner Israeli

    Those crazy, early months as a learner Israeli

    Bibi is another learner Israeli who arrived here about 3 months ago. She is blogging about her experiences and, when I read her latest post, it reminds me what we experienced a few months ago (and still do).

  • The sensual woman chooses @Woolworths_SA blouses

    Really, @Woolworths_SA – if if this IS what the blouse is called, find another name for it! bit.ly/wRbm3x — KerryHaggard (@KerryHaggard) March 8, 2012 I saw this tweet, clicked on the link and the following awesomely mind-blowing clothing item name almost make me wet myself (I’ve been drinking a lot of water today): Wow, someone…

  • I'm your customer, don't ignore me

    One thing that bugs me when I walk into a retail store is when the people purportedly assisting me with my purchase or query don’t actually engage with me. By “engage” I mean talk to me when there is a problem of some description or respond to my queries by answering me. Instead store staff…