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  • Storm rolling over the Hong Kong airport

    I’m travelling to Australia with our soon for a family event. We’re travelling through Hong Kong, and this storm had rolled over the airport. It’s pretty spectacular!

  • Nice, sunny day to be outdoors

    I’ve taken a couple days off this week to decompress after what feels like a pretty intense six months or so at work. Today turned out to be a really nice, warm day (we have rain and cold weather forecast for the rest of the week), so I went for a walk this morning. This […]

  • Thunderstorms and why I’m so glad I work from home

    There are many reasons why I’m glad I can work from home. Rainy, Winter days are definitely one of those reasons. Today is pretty cold (for Israel at any rate), and we have rain forecast for the whole day. We’ve had a small downpour already this morning: A hailstorm arrived as our kids were about […]

  • What a heatwave in Israel feels like.

    We have a heatwave in Israel at the moment. I’m not a big fan of the heat and, on days like today, I’m inclined to hide indoors with the aircon on.

  • The windy, cloudy trail

    What an interesting cloudy trail over Tel Aviv

  • Rainy days are writing days

    It is cold and rainy this week in Israel with perfect writing days.

  • Just when I thought I’d never experience a Cape Town winter

    It was starting to warm up here in Israel and, the other morning, we woke up to a pretty chilly, rainy and windy morning in Modi’in.  I don’t mind the weather all that much although I’m glad we are finally in Spring (theoretically).   

  • I have been hearing how awful Cape Town’s weather is lately. I spoke to a Capetonian today who told me about the clouds, the rain, the wind and the cold weather. Capetonians are usually so generous when it comes to sharing their experiences of their terrific weather in other seasons, I thought it is only […]