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  • Countless channels and nothing worth watching

    Despite the sheer amount of content available on services like YouTube, there are times when it feels like there’s absolutely nothing worth watching. It must be some sort of algorithmic dead zone that occurs now and then. Like tonight. It’s a good thing I have so much to read …

  • I don’t use Instagram’s Boomerang app that often. It’s fun with my kids at times. I was playing around with it last night when we were waiting for a train and captured this fun video:

  • More than 40 hours of ambient nature sounds from Planet Earth 2

    The BBC Unplugged channel has more than 40 hours of ambient nature sounds and gorgeous nature footage shot for the BBC’s Earth 2 series. Each video is 10 hours long and the videos are available on YouTube.

  • Proctor & Gamble says #ThankYouMom

    P&G’s #ThankYouMom message to the mothers who helped their children become Olympic athletes

  • I uploaded a video as part of a short post earlier this week and I noticed that it didn’t display particularly well in the post. I could have shared to YouTube first and embedded the video but thought I’d see what a direct upload would do. Turns out, not much.  Surely it is possible to […]

  • Captivating high definition video of Jupiter

    I’m a sucker for cool science stuff, especially space imagery. This captivating high definition video of Jupiter based on imagery from the Hubble telescope is a great addition to my virtual collection.

  • The Israel-Palestine conflict is easy to explain

    The Israel-Palestine conflict is easy to explain and here is a great video from Prager University titled “The Middle East Problem” to do just that.

  • I noticed Basti Hansen‘s Tel-Aviv Gay Pride 2015 Parade Video on Facebook a few days after the parade and just watched it. It is a fun video and it prompted me to look up more of Hansen’s work: He shoots a combination of video and still photography and his work is pretty dynamic and leaves […]