Settling In For The Ride Home

I don't use Instagram's Boomerang app that often. It's fun with my kids at times. I was playing around with it last night when we were waiting for a train and captured this fun video: [video src="" height="406" width="720"][/video]

More than 40 hours of ambient nature sounds from Planet Earth 2

The BBC Unplugged channel has more than 40 hours of ambient nature sounds and gorgeous nature footage shot for the BBC's Earth 2 series. Each video is 10 hours long and the videos are available on YouTube.

Options for sharing video outside YouTube and Vimeo

I uploaded a video as part of a short post earlier this week and I noticed that it didn't display particularly well in the post. I could have shared to YouTube first and embedded the video but thought I'd see what a direct upload would do. Turns out, not much.  Surely it is possible to…

Inspired by Basti Hansen

I noticed Basti Hansen's Tel-Aviv Gay Pride 2015 Parade Video on Facebook a few days after the parade and just watched it. It is a fun video and it prompted me to look up more of Hansen's work: He shoots a combination of video and still photography and his work is pretty dynamic and…
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