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Geeky Valentine’s Day gifts

This is probably going to be more useful for next year (unless you have a head start and very forgiving other half today). Still, I wanted to share this post from Hubspot with a collection of “20 Nerdy Valentine’s Day Gifts For That Someone Special“.

My favourite has to be the 100% Energy Apple Juice Power Pack!

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Happy Valentine’s Day to my beautiful wife*

Happy Valentine’s Day to my beautiful wife*.

*We don’t really make a big deal out of this day. The reason isn’t the usual “Valentine’s Day is a commercial construct that was created to sell schmaltzy cards and stuffed animals” reason. We don’t make a big deal out of it because it pales in comparison with our wedding anniversary which we celebrate on 12 February. Much better reason!

Even so, 14 February is still another good day for me to tell my wife that I love her very much. Actually, every day is a good day for that but even the contrived days work well, sometimes because they are contrived.

Update: We even have a little celebration at the office today.

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Valentine's Day, a requiem for forgetful romantics

Yup, today is Valentine’s Day and the regularly scheduled grinches have made their appearances denouncing the commercial exploitation this day has become. If you are one of those people, you’re missing the point but fear not, there is hope yet.

Valentine’s Day isn’t just the overly schmaltzy opportunity to exploit you commercially by guilting you into buying fake roses, heart shaped boxes of chocolates and mass produced furry animals imported from China. For those people who forget the everyday romance V Day cynics suggest should be in your life all the time, Valentine’s Day is a little nudge to make a point of letting the special people in your life know you care about them.

There are lots of different ways to express how you care and they don’t have to be the fake roses, the chocs and furry animals (but those are ok too). Sometimes all it takes is a seemingly innocuous gesture that let’s that special person know you are thinking about him or her. So if you are not the everyday romantic (and so few people are), let Valentine’s Day be a little reminder to reach out in your special way.