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  • Reeder 2 released for Mac

    I noticed that Reeder 2 for Mac has been released and is available from the Mac App Store: Reeder 2 for Mac is out. http://t.co/qOandsz0we https://t.co/OBwGPNEjLD — Reeder (@reederapp) May 29, 2014 I bought ReadKit recently to use as my desktop feed reader after Reeder 1 for Mac pretty much languished and was withdrawn from the Mac…

  • Why a Flickr Pro membership is still worthwhile

    Update: Uh, I spoke a little too soon. As terrific as the offering is, there are catches. The new Flickr looks terrific. At first I thought there wouldn’t be much value in a Pro membership with the expanded free offering but there still is a point in being a Pro member after all.