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  • Switch your family to Ubuntu Linux, it may be less confusing than Windows

    As my family knows, I clearly prefer Linux over Windows, and if we didn’t have the option of using macOS computers, we’d be using Linux, likely Ubuntu. With that in mind, I enjoyed Simon Frey’s post “How switching my parents over to Linux saved me a lot of headache and support calls“, partly because I […]

  • My idea of a good time: coding on a Linux computer

    Lately my idea of fun has been firmly rooted in coding, and playing around with Linux.

  • Daydreaming about macOS alternatives in my future

    I often find myself thinking about possible macOS alternatives. I have a 2011 MacBook Air which I have loved using. Still, it is more than 5 years old and Apple hardware doesn’t seem to age particularly gracefully.

  • Ubuntu, Debian and other Linux things that confuse me a little

    I just read a newsy post about Ubuntu 15.04’s release and Debian 8.0’s release tomorrow and it reminded me about something that I’m curious about as a Linux user: is it possible to run Debian on top of Ubuntu or are they mutually exclusive? Is it more appropriate to talk about replacing Ubuntu’s UI with […]

  • I’d like to get myself a wifi USB adapter for my PC at the office which is running Ubuntu 12.04. I bought a NETGEAR adapter but the box didn’t say anything about Linux compatibility so I returned it rather than open it and it doesn’t work. Are these adapters platform specific or is it just […]

  • Ubuntu just keeps getting better. I am not quite convinced to abandon Mac OS but I definitely want to install Ubuntu onto something so I can play with it. I am tempted to install it on my old black MacBook which my Mom is using. Mac OS Lion is really slowing that machine down.