Owning your tweets

Photo by Ridham Nagralawala on Unsplash

I really like how Zach Leatherman has taken control over his tweets, and is sharing them on his site with some great analytics. He provides some insights into how he’s taking his tweets, and republishing them on his site in his post “I’m Taking Ownership of My Tweets” – I fully expect my personal website…… Continue reading Owning your tweets

Recode's article titled "How hard is it to have a conversation on Twitter? So hard even the CEO can’t do it." highlights a perennial challenge on Twitter: having a coherent conversation about pretty much anything - There simply wasn’t enough room to have the kind of nuanced conversation the subject requires. It was symbolic of… Continue reading Twitter’s conversational problem is that it’s not suited to have one

Tweeting to preserve history

D Sami Reindeer 12 by Michiel van Nimwegen, licensed CC BY NC ND 2.0

I suppose Twitter still has its good use cases. Tweeting to preserve history isn’t one of them. I came across this fascinating Twitter thread by Marina Amaral about the Sami people, who’ve been living in what’s now Finland for thousands of years: https://twitter.com/marinamaral2/status/1005904882140925953 The thread runs for several tweets, and it includes wonderful resources such…… Continue reading Tweeting to preserve history

Sure, Twitter is used for all sorts of things and I don't always agree with what is shared on Twitter but this tweet takes inane tweets to a whole other level: https://twitter.com/Alltop/status/637809761472397313 This either says a lot about our culture or about Twitter culture (if there is even a difference). Whichever, the Human race is… Continue reading Is “Girl … cries for five minutes” really worth tweeting?

Twitter engagement – much ado about nothing much

I read Anil Dash’s post titled “Nobody Famous” on Medium recently and it is worth reading if you are either wondering if it is worth the effort attracting a large Twitter following or if you believe your large Twitter following is somehow meaningful. Nobody Famous I noticed that a tweet I posted was getting a…… Continue reading Twitter engagement – much ado about nothing much