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  • The challenge of sending kids to school when you work remotely

    This tweet basically encapsulates the challenge of trying to persuade kids to go to school when you work remotely (and from home): In discussions like these, you just need to resort to your authority as the parent … 😂 unsplash-logoNeONBRAND

  • Feedback that inspires me to be a better blogger

    I enjoy blogging because I enjoy sharing things that interest me. My blog has a pretty modest following, and I like receiving feedback on posts that resonate with readers. This evening, I opened Twitter for some reason, and noticed this wonderful tweet from Jamie Rubin, a writer, blogger, and stimulus for my Field Notes obsession: […]

  • My favourite tweet of the day is also probably one of the funniest “please don’t fire me” tweets too and it comes from Nastassja (please follow her, she is funny and she feels under appreciated on Twitter with only 266 followers): Having SICK choons to listen to in my eardrums makes work better. Not that […]