“They sold out our country.”

Corruption at the top doesn't seem to be limited to so-called "Third World Countries" anymore. Just like South Africa, America is going to have to decide whether to accept such blatant corruption or whether to hold its leaders accountable?

The surreal result of the UN Security Council resolution against Israel

The recent UN Security Council resolution against Israel led to a particularly surreal result: even Trump sounded reasonable. Hopefully this insanity will pass soon.

This Trump mess that America made

A week after Donald Trump was elected America's 45th president and my feeds have been inundated with efforts to understand how this could have happened. Whatever the primary contributors, America made a mess and we all have to deal with it.

Silence, indifference and incitement to violence

As Jessica Hagy pointed out, there is a strong link between silence, indifference and incitement to violence. The dangers of silence and indifference are as apparent today as they have been in the past. The question is: will we behave differently this time?
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