Tag: tragedy

  • Reality tapping you on the shoulder

    My family suffered a tragic loss this week due to the coronavirus. Last night, I read Om Malik’s post “The Pain of Distance“, and noticing reality tapping you on the shoulder – If this is how I feel, I can’t even internalize how my mom must be feeling. She said it is cold. She didn’t […]

  • Tragedy of Normalcy in the Coronavirus Shadow

    This coronavirus is an insidious thing. It pulls families apart when they desperately need to be together. A cliché in Israel is the phrase: “הכל בסדר” – “Everything is ok”. It isn’t, and it won’t be for a while yet.

  • Cute animal bubbles and happy things

    Sometimes the antidotes to all the tragedy and darkness we see in social media in response to world events are cute animal bubbles and other happy things. At least, that is what my wife suggests.

  • The tragedy of Aleppo defies belief. It goes against the values we hold ourselves to as a seemingly developed species. Maybe it just reveals how far we have to go?