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  • A little synchronicity between my Twitter stats and my blog stats. Just sharing my momentary diversion.

  • Time is running out

    Time is running out

    In the background there is a nagging feeling that time is running out for us. We spend all our time trying to satisfy everyone else’s demands and rarely satisfying our own.

  • If I could just go back in time and make better decisions …

    Ever imagine you could go back in time and make better choices? What if you flipped that around and asked whether you could make better decisions today that you won’t wish you could change in the future?

  • Trapani, time and transitions

    Gina Trapani spoke at the XOXO Festival recently and I finally watched her talk. I’ve followed Trapani for years now and when she mentioned that she spoke at the festival (hadn’t heard of it before) on an episode of This Week in Google, I made a mental note to watch the video. She talks about […]

  • Where did the rest of the year go? This is becoming a worrying trend!