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  • A weekend away at The Westcliff

    Gina and I won an overnight stay at The Westcliff hotel for Valentines Day. We don’t really celebrate Valentines Day because we have a much more significant day we celebrate, namely our wedding anniversary which is on the 12th of February. That pretty much made the weekend more of an anniversary weekend than a Valentines […]

  • Twisted cables

    My theme today is “Twisted Cables” and I got some interesting results. I edited the photos with Picasa (I was going to use Aperture but couldn’t figure out how to do anything). This photo is the one of the ones I like the most from the batch:

  • Manto versus The Sunday Times … round 2

    It occurred to me on Friday night that it would have been a good idea to be in court on Friday morning when the Minister’s lawyers and The Sunday Times’ lawyers argued the matter in the High Court before Judge Mahomed Jajbhay on Friday. The reports of the arguments were interesting, although incomplete (there doesn’t […]

  • Maybe our ministers don’t understand what a Constitutional democracy is?

    I wrote about our Communications Minister’s effort to establish more direct control over the appointment of councillors to ICASA which is supposed to be an independent body protected from interference by the Constitution almost a year ago. The problem was (and remains) that the Minister was/is intent on interfering with the governance of ICASA and […]

  • Our Health Minister a “drunk and a thief”

    This last week’s legal proceedings against The Sunday Times were probably worth the hassle and the cost. I have just read the paper’s article which labels our Health Minister a “drunk and a thief” and recounts how she was kicked out of Botswana in the 1970s for repeatedly stealing from patients in the Athlone Hospital […]

  • Lawyers sue for “excessive” fees

    One of my clients forwarded this story to me. It is quite scary to think that someone could be charged over R400 000 for what he is informed is a relatively “simple” divorce process. Irrespective of whether these fees are excessive in the circumstances (they certainly seem like a lot!), this case is a good […]

  • Tony Yengeni’s son kidnapped!

    Former MP Tony Yengeni’s son has apparently been kidnapped.  That is pretty harsh, regardless of who you are.  This is bound to be a big story in the coming weeks. (Source: Sunday Times) Tags: tony yengeni, kidnapped, kidnapping