Photo fun with Prisma on my phone

I’ve been playing around some more with Prisma. It’s a fun app to use. It won’t replace Lightroom for me but it does some great things for my iPhone photos now and then.

Here are a few I experimented with lately. Click on the images to see the full Prisma versions.

On the square
In progress
Tower before the rain
Heading home before the storm
Walking in sunshine
Tied up

Some days have themes

Some days have themes

Some days have themes, at least for me. These are days when a collection of related things go pear-shaped.

Most of my thematic days tend to be Technology Days. On those days all my technology freezes, crashes or otherwise fails to be usable for at least an hour or three in the morning.

On these days, the only thing I can really do is take a few deep breaths, acknowledge the day and go make a cup of tea while my laptop reboots. I’m beginning to see these days as reminders that control is just an illusion and sometimes the Universe does conspire against you.

Yesterday was a Misplaced Things Day (By Proxy). Our daughter misplaced her jersey and, about 15 minutes later, herself (I found her, there were stern words about that). Our son misplaced his key and his watch.

It definitely felt like one of those days. Thankfully the only thing I misplaced was my sense of humour and not my temper (although it was touch and go there for a bit).

Like I said, some days have themes. Hopefully not today, though.

Image credit: Pixabay

The carpet maker

I’ve been attending ulpan classes at Ulpan Gordon for the last 10 months or so and I walk past a store that sells Persian rugs and a range of ornaments. I kept meaning to take some photos and the one night I walked past, I noticed the door was open and stopped to capture a moment; the carpet maker at work.

Experimental animation through pottery

This is just awesome!

Experimental animation meets pottery from Crafts Council on Vimeo.

Broken taps

We had lunch at my mom’s house on Valentines Day and arrived as a broken tap was being repaired. It looked like an opportunity for some interesting photos and I think they came out quite nicely.

Valentines Day lunch 2010-31.jpg

I haven’t been spending a lot of time on composition. I think that is going to be a pretty big learning curve when I focus on that. For now I’ve been trying to get the hang of the various manual settings on my camera and manipulating them better. That being said, I will appreciate any feedback on composition.

Valentines Day lunch 2010-1-30.jpg

As you can see I have also expanded the set of Lightroom presets I have and I’ve enjoyed using them. I do have this sense that they can make my photos look a little better than they deserve but using them is part of the fun.

Valentines Day lunch 2010-2-29.jpg

You can view larger versions of these photos by clicking on them and visiting the my Flickr photostream.

A small Triumph

I fell off the wagon a little and didn’t take photos for a couple days, at least not for my pseudo-365 photo thing. I’ve been sitting on a couple photos I took of a Triumph bike that was parked next to my car recently and finally got around to making them look a little prettier:


The photos themselves are a little fuzzy but I try to work with what I’ve got and try hold the camera a little steadier next time.


A weekend away at The Westcliff

Gina and I won an overnight stay at The Westcliff hotel for Valentines Day. We don’t really celebrate Valentines Day because we have a much more significant day we celebrate, namely our wedding anniversary which is on the 12th of February. That pretty much made the weekend more of an anniversary weekend than a Valentines Day weekend and the prize made the weekend that much more exciting for us.

Valentines getaway at The Westcliff-67-1.jpg

The room was magnificent, easily the most luxurious I have experienced! The hotel layout itself was really conducive to a quiet weekend and a little photography along the way.

I didn’t know that the competition was even running or that Gina had entered it but I am glad she did. The time away with her was a great opportunity for us to spend some “lone time” together and reconnect.

Thanks to Wicount for running the competition, it was a real treat!

You can see my photoset from our stay right on Flickr.

Twisted cables

My theme today is “Twisted Cables” and I got some interesting results. I edited the photos with Picasa (I was going to use Aperture but couldn’t figure out how to do anything). This photo is the one of the ones I like the most from the batch:

Cables going somewhere