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Southern Israel is under attack at the moment. This is what it looks like.

Southern Israel is under attack, again. Hamas and its allies have been firing hundreds of rockets at Israeli towns and cities for the last day or so. Imagine that you were in this situation:

Image credit: Israel Defense Forces, licensed CC BY-NC 2.0

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Don’t say #IamTelAviv. Say #IamIsraeli, #IamaJew

Last night terrorists dressed as religious Jews launched a deadly attack on patrons of the popular Sarona Market in Tel Aviv. A common show of support for terrorism victims has started circulating: the #IamTelAviv hashtag. I think this is the wrong hashtag.

As I write this, 4 people have died from their wounds sustained in the attack.

A meme has started making its way around the web that is a variation of the hashtag themes that followed the terrorist attacks in Paris and other cities. People are showing their support for victims by using the hashtag #IamTelAviv.

I disagree. This was an attack on Israelis, on Jews. #IamTelAviv is a statement of support and unity, for sure, but this wasn’t just an attack on a city. This was a focused attack, it was more targeted. This was about killing Israelis, Jews.

The hashtag #IamTelAviv ignores the fact that terrorist attacks in Israel are not attacks on some monolithic city or a generic group of people. This was specific. If you want to show your support and signal your unity with us, use a hashtag that signals support for the real targets.



I dare you.

Postscript (2016-06-09)

This an example of what it means to be #IamIsraeli: