Colourful computer history

I love James Ball’s colourful photographic history of computers. These machines are grossly under-powered compared to the devices we use today. Still, they’re a wonderful reminder of how far we’ve come, and what lies ahead for us in technological terms. This Telefunken RA770 (circa 1970) is one of my favourites: Via The Stylish & Colorful […]

The VR headset made our kids disappear

Our son recently received a VR headset and watching them use it prompted a few deep thoughts about the risks of VR to kids already consumed by digital screens.

Some days have themes

Some days have themes. They are reminders that we can’t control everything and there are times when the Universe conspires against you. All you can do is take a few deep breaths and go make some tea.

Jamboard and Surface Studio are hints of our future tech

Google Jamboard is a hint of the future of how we will interface with our data and collaborate with each other. In itself, it isn’t a dramatic leap forward but it is a step nevertheless.

Electronics kits are making a big comeback

Electronics kits seem to be popular again and that is terrific news. Our son is excited about electronics and there is so much he can do these days.

Vehicle has gone supersonic

I’ve been watching videos of rocket launches with our kids and this Falcon 9 launch in 2013 is a terrific reminder of how awesome human technology can be: It is more amazing how blasé we are about this stuff.

Watching the Mars Rover landing in bed

I just watched the JPL live feed as the Mars Rover landed on Mars and began transmitting data back from the red planet’s surface. Aside from being able to watch this historic event (well, live from JPL, the data from Mars is delayed due to the distance to Mars), I got a huge kick out […]

Speed Kills and going Amish at Heavy Chef

I finally attended a Heavy Chef event this evening and listed to Don Packett talk about similar themes to Joe Kraus’ talk recently. One of the comments I made after Don finished his talk was that our approach should probably be more about better choices when it comes to our technology rather than becoming Amish. […]

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