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  • Thunderstorms and why I’m so glad I work from home

    Thunderstorms and why I’m so glad I work from home

    There are many reasons why I’m glad I can work from home. Rainy, Winter days are definitely one of those reasons. Today is pretty cold (for Israel at any rate), and we have rain forecast for the whole day. We’ve had a small downpour already this morning: A hailstorm arrived as our kids were about…

  • Explaining thunder to our almost 3 year old

    I thought I’d try something a little more visual to explain thunder to our little girl (almost 3). I tried telling her the thunder is what happens when the clouds bump into each other and say “Excuse me” and “I’m sorry, I didn’t see you there!”. Not sure if it worked, though.

  • Something for rain-soaked Capetonians

    I have been hearing how awful Cape Town’s weather is lately. I spoke to a Capetonian today who told me about the clouds, the rain, the wind and the cold weather. Capetonians are usually so generous when it comes to sharing their experiences of their terrific weather in other seasons, I thought it is only…