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  • Flowers and Construction on a Sunny Spring Morning

    I went for a walk this morning to drop off some (long) overdue library books. I took my camera along with me for a change.

  • Just when I thought I’d never experience a Cape Town winter

    It was starting to warm up here in Israel and, the other morning, we woke up to a pretty chilly, rainy and windy morning in Modi’in.  I don’t mind the weather all that much although I’m glad we are finally in Spring (theoretically).   

  • Beautiful Spring day in Modi’in

    Spring is definitely here. We have these beautiful blossoms all over Modi’in. I have a few photos already but I’ll take a lot more and share them as soon as I have a chance. שבת שלום to our friends and family!

  • Spring in my click

    Spring in my click

    I started Spring with my camera in my hands. We have two plum trees growing in our garden so I started Monday and this morning with an impromptu photo shoot of the blossoms on the trees. Here is a taste of the two albums I published to Flickr: The albums are: Spring Day blossoms; and […]