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  • LinkedIn spam

    LinkedIn spam

    I feel like I use LinkedIn begrudgingly these days. It is where business people tend to want to connect but groups and other fora seem to have become opportunities to spam everyone with some or other deal.

  • Unsubscribe CAPTCHA

    I receive a fair amount of unsolicited marketing email (you probably do, too) that manages to evade Google Mail’s spam filters. I usually just scroll down, find the “unsubscribe” link and opt-out. One of the emails I received today had an interesting unsubscribe “protection”. I’m accustomed to seeing a CAPTCHA mechanism to prevent automated email…

  • What is going on with Disqus lately? So much spam.

    ​I don’t know what is going on with Disqus lately but I am being inundated with spam on this site across my blogs even though I set comments to close after a limited time period to try deal with the deluge. The spam comments coming in now are on old posts which go back a…