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  • One of the many things I like about having a Chromecast is seeing images like this beautiful photograph of our home planet courtesy of NASA’s Image of the Day initiative.

  • A butterfly nebula with a 3 light-year wingspan

    This image of the Butterfly Nebula is spectacular. Take a break from the craziness around you and marvel and the wonders of our Universe once in a while.

  • A spectacular reminder that our perceived differences are just that. If you love photos like this, be sure to take a look at this collection: Space station @NASA_astronauts take thousands of photos of Earth every year. Enjoy the Top 16 Earth Images of 2016! pic.twitter.com/UaywXcovQj — International Space Station (@Space_Station) December 19, 2016

  • Looking back to see the Moon passing over the Earth

    NASA released images of the Moon passing over the Earth that looks unreal … literally. We are used to photos of the Moon from our vantage point down here and on its own. This almost looks like an illustration, especially when you consider that the side of the Moon we see in this photo is […]

  • Bed-time in space

    I am a sucker for astronauts’ photos from space stations around our planet and this bed-time in space photo from Samantha Cristoforetti is spectacular.

  • This is a stunning representation of some of the things we may see when we travel through interstellar space:

  • This is a striking view from the ISS. Two things stand out for me. The first is how many more stars you can see from space and the second is that bubble around our planet, out atmosphere.