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  • Spotify recommendations are spot on today

    Spotify recommendations are spot on today

    I’ve been listening to one of my Spotify Daily Mixes that comprises instrumental movie and TV soundtracks. It has been giving me some excellent choices, many of which I haven’t heard before. I’m really impressed! Here are a couple tracks that have become new favourites: If only my YouTube recommendations for videos were as accurate!

  • Enjoying 9 Dead Alive by Rodrigo y Gabriela

    Enjoying 9 Dead Alive by Rodrigo y Gabriela

    One of our many, many Slack channels at Automattic is one that focuses on great soundtracks, and other instrumental music. We usually share movie, TV, and game soundtracks in the channel. The other day, I mentioned how I’d love to find more music like Cody Francis’ “Mountain Air” – I really enjoy this track, but […]

  • Hans Zimmer’s Dark Knight never gets old

    I love Hans Zimmer’s music for the Batman Begins/The Dark Knight/Dark Knight Rises trilogy. This music never gets old: On a related note, and while not quite in Hans Zimmer’s League, Blake Neely’s work for the CW shows like The Flash is also terrific. Here’s one of my favourites from the first season of The […]

  • My strange writing process

    My strange writing process

    What is your writing process? I thought I’d write about my strange writing process as part of my writing process. It’s all very meta.