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  • Blogging software and good shoes

    As Dave Winer points out, you know your software works for you when it feels comfortable after using it for a while.

  • Reeder 2 released for Mac

    I noticed that Reeder 2 for Mac has been released and is available from the Mac App Store: Reeder 2 for Mac is out. http://t.co/qOandsz0we https://t.co/OBwGPNEjLD — Reeder (@reederapp) May 29, 2014 I bought ReadKit recently to use as my desktop feed reader after Reeder 1 for Mac pretty much languished and was withdrawn from the Mac…

  • Software to love and that induces vomiting

    I had a rough day with my arch nemesis today so I thought I’d vent a little with this list. It is not a closed list, just a little vent list. Software I love and which brings me happiness when I use it: Simplenote Scrivener OmniOutliner Software which induces vomiting, tears and panic (and must…

  • How Linux is built

    This is a pretty interesting video explaining how many systems we use each day use Linux and how Linux is developed: