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  • More thoughts about Micro.blog as an indie social network

    More thoughts about Micro.blog as an indie social network

    Brad Enslen is doing some great work over at Micro.blog, spreading the word about this innovative service. He published a post titled “The Case for Moving Your Social Network to Micro.blog“, that’s pretty self-explanatory. I think there’s certainly merit in shifting your social network over to something like Micro.blog, in the near term at least. […]

  • I’m not sure what webmention badges are, but they sound interesting

    I’m not sure what webmention badges are, but they sound interesting

    Chris Aldrich mentioned something about using “webmention badges” on a project site: This would have made it easier to send webmention-based badges which could have been done by creating a badge page on which he could have added simple links to all of the student pages that had earned them. I’m not sure what these […]

  • Your life as a creativity donor

    Your life as a creativity donor

    I watched a really interesting interview this morning that got me thinking about yet another reason why it really is better to own your own little node on the Web and use that as your primary sharing platform. Really interesting interview on #Triangulation 175 with @DamonKWayans http://t.co/fY6aw1PKFe — Paul Jacobson (@pauljacobson) March 24, 2015 One […]

  • Our hyperconnected social Web can be a desperately lonely place

    I think it is possible to be so connected online and be lonely at the same time. We connect to so many people, call so many people “friends” who probably aren’t. Although we have hundreds or thousands of “friends”, can we meaningfully share our intimate moments, fears and challenges when they could betray insecurities when […]

  • Why we fear Facebook and why we shouldn't?

    Rian van der Merwe published a post which touches on a recurring theme which I have been thinking about for a while: we should fear Facebook/Google/Twitter because of all the data they hold about us. I keep wondering why? There are good reasons to be afraid of what these services may know about us in […]

  • After Twitter and Facebook

    The latest sign of an increasingly closed and Balkanised Web is Twitter’s controversial updates to its API which further restrict anything that is not actually made by Twitter. Developers’ reactions range from disappointment to outrage Twitter remains dominant in its space because there is nothing else. Facebook also dominates the social sharing space with its […]