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  • “We’re a generation of smartphones and dumb people”

    One was to describe the world we live in today is as a “contradiction”. We have so many ways to connect with each other and share our lives and yet the primary ways we do that also isolate us from meaningful human contact. The instrument of our isolation is also the device we use to […]

  • It struck me how insubstantial so much social media activity was last year (and probably has been for a while). Brands responding on social media have generally over-promised and under-delivered. We saw lots of new jargon and little substance to go with it. Where was the real? One of the things I am hoping for […]

  • Antisocial media

    I’ve had a recurring theme in my life the last week or so and it is pretty ironic considering much of the last week was spent at (and participating in) a social media conference: with all the social/digital devices and services we have available to us, we are remarkably antisocial. We talk about social all […]

  • This video begins with an overview of a great technology you may never have heard of but which powers some of the services you use, PubSubHubbub, and then goes on to become a discussion about the important of having your own domain and a space where you can exercise control over your content. This imperative […]