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  • Moving from Twitter to WordPress

    I really like this post about how Matthew Haughey has switched to a WordPress blog from Twitter. Not just because he chose WordPress.

  • Whether you’re concerned about recent news about the extent of Facebook’s tracking or not, this discussion is worth watching:

  • Critical steps to get things done when you clearly lack focus

    We live in a wondrous technological age that also makes it harder to get things done. This is a challenge when you have a lot of things to do. Obviously.

  • RTFBP is RTFM for blog posts

    This is an apology to writers and content marketers for not reading their blog posts before firing off responses to their tweets and Facebook posts. Here is a new acronym: RTFBP.

  • The fundamental problem with @Twitter

    The fundamental problem with Twitter is that it doesn’t give victims of abuse effective tools to fight the trolls.

  • Journalism as a service

    One of Jeff Jarvis’ suggestions for creating a more sustainable news publishing industry is to treat journalism as a service, rather than as a commodity content factory. That appeals to me and I hope that is what the future holds.

  • Do fewer people trust bloggers?

    Do fewer people trust bloggers the more people take to the Web to publish their thoughts and use their newfound publishing platforms to pitch their products, services and talents?

  • If you happen to be using old social media buttons on your site, you should update them in line with the services’ brand guidelines/requirements.