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  • Why Slack release notes are so much fun

    If you love Slack release notes as much as I do then you’ll love this article by Slack’s Anna Pickard with insights into her team’s approach to release notes.

  • Why I have a huge #writercrush on Slack

    Boy, I have such a huge #writercrush on the Slack team for their app update notes!

  • Use Slack like an animal

    Slack’s new ads give new meaning to the phrase “like an animal”. They are brilliant!

  • How sandwiches switched from email to Slack

    It is starting to seems like everyone is using Slack for internal comms within teams. I have at least two clients using it and I know of a couple other small teams using it too. (On a related note, the Slack referral program which gives you $100 in credit when you sign up expires at […]

  • I paused my Basecamp account last year when my team members went their separate ways and I continued on as a solo towards the end of the year. My plan was to resurrect my Basecamp account in the new year once I started building a new team. I’m not sure where I came across Slack […]