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  • Skype isn’t really down

    Skype isn’t really down

    You probably noticed that Skype seemed to be offline today. It turns out that the service is only partially down.

  • Who needs a phone number when you have Skype?

    I decided to explore VoIP options a few years ago and I was fairly excited about Skype Numbers for a while and subscribed. That gave me a local landline number which, when called, connected the caller to me through Skype. In theory it is a great idea but I found that the latency on the calls…

  • Simplifying the crowded messaging space

    The messaging space seems to be the antithesis of email. Where email works using common protocols and a variety of email applications that all support them, messaging apps rarely talk to each other and basically function in silos. The messaging space is a surprisingly tricky one to dominate but a few of the services are…

  • Skype or FNB Connect (SIP VoIP)?

    We’re testing VoIP options for our office. Both Skype and FNB Connect give us local numbers people can call us on. FNB Connect’s call rates are cheaper than Skype’s although Skype is already pretty entrenched in our office from an IM perspective and we use Skype to chat to clients through Skype to Skype calls.…