Who needs a phone number when you have Skype?

I decided to explore VoIP options a few years ago and I was fairly excited about Skype Numbers for a while and subscribed. That gave me a local landline number which, when called, connected the caller to me through Skype. In theory it is a great idea but I found that the latency on the calls was terrible. It was about 2 seconds but it was noticeable and made voice calls painful so I abandoned the idea.

I’ve started thinking about alternatives to a regular phone number again lately and came back to Skype Numbers. I wonder if the increases in bandwidth have reduced the latency or if it is still so noticeable? Is it possible to give up a landline (or even a mobile line) and switch entirely to VoIP with notional landline numbers for legacy callers?

This idea reminds me a bit of the recently announced Microsoft Lync successor, Skype for Business:

As much as I love FaceTime and prefer the idea of Hangouts to Microsoft options, Skype is still a pretty decent experience and I keep coming back to it for video meetings with clients. Maybe its time to try Skype Numbers again?