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  • The new normal

    The new normal

    One of my friends pointed out Seth Godin’s post about transitioning to a new normal through a slog (at least that’s what I take from this). This idea resonates with me, to a degree, even as it unnerves me – During a slog, we have a chance to accept a new normal, even if it’s […]

  • Sunk costs as gifts from our past selves

    I don’t remember where I came across a recommendation to listen to Seth Godin’s podcast, Akimbo, but I’m glad I did. I really enjoy his episodes. The first one I listened to is titled “Ignore Sunk Costs”. He talks about sunk costs as gifts from our past selves, and it’s up to you to decide […]

  • Having standards and doing great work

    Standing by your standards can be a tougher road to walk but doing so is often a pretty good representation of the kind of person you are.

  • Showing up is the hardest part

    I’m catching up on Seth Godin posts at the moment (I tend to let them accumulate and then binge on his inspiration) and I thought I’d share a simple thought about showing up, especially when it is tough: Showing up, it turns out, is the hardest part of making a difference. … It’s not easy, […]

  • “The work … is the real reason we need you to be here, with us.”

    Your job is not your work and your work is not your job. As usual, Seth Godin has a wonderful perspective on associations we often take for granted. This time, about work.

  • Your calling and meaningful work

    Do you do meaningful work? Do you feel you have found your calling or have you made the work you do important? Sometimes it’s more about how you approach your work.

  • Embrace your work in progress

    Seth Godin’s post suggesting that you should show your work in progress reminds me about one of the aspects of blogging that appeals to me.

  • “The lens of our attention”

    Another wonderful post by Seth Godin about perspective. I love his idea of the “lens of our attention”. Such an awesome way of visualising it that appeals to me as a photographer.