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  • OpenSSL on a Mac

    Has anyone used OpenSSL on a Mac or Ubuntu? I’d like to generate a SSL certificate for my OwnCloud installation so I can test it all out and that seems to be a cheap way to go for now. I can’t find instructions how to do it on a Mac, though. I have access to […]

  • Dropbox is convenient but how secure is it?

    This question is driving me a little nuts lately: A potential security lapse and possibly misleading statements are plaguing Dropbox, a hugely popular file-syncing app. What are the issues and is concern justified? I migrated all my client data off Dropbox and into SpiderOak but it seems SpiderOak doesn’t offer Dropbox-like sync between my team […]

  • Pretty impressive two-factor authentication in the @Twitter iPhone and Android apps

    Twitter rolled out updates to its iOS and Android apps at the beginning of August which included a new two-factor authentication method for verifying logins (and possibly other stuff). It is worth reading the blog post describing the solution. It begins with this explanation why Twitter opted not to go with the more common two-factor […]

  • A quick question for IT security professionals

    I just read this paragraph in the Evernote security and privacy information page. Does this point to a good data security infrastructure? Operational security is equally important, and physical infrastructure and operations procedures reflect that. The data center where the Evernote service operates is SAS 70 (Type II) and SSAE16 SOC–1 (Type 2) certified and […]

  • Secure your Dropbox with 2-factor authentication

    Dropbox has added 2-factor authentication to help users protect their accounts even better: Two-step verification is an optional but highly recommended security feature that adds an extra layer of protection to your Dropbox account. Once enabled, Dropbox will require a six-digit security code in addition to your password whenever you sign in to Dropbox or […]

  • Warning, if you visit @RosebankTheZone the @Servest_SA security guards may bully and rob you

    When Dean‘s Dad posted this update on Facebook about how The Zone security harassed and robbed Dean, I was shocked. I am accustomed to mall security harassing me about taking photos, eating in areas not designated for eating and generally existing but Dean’s experience takes mall security harassment to a different level altogether. This is […]

  • Monte Casino security helped me change a tyre

    We just came to Monte Casino to watch The Lorax with our son. When we came out and got into our car, Natassia pointed out that our front right tyre was a bit flat. Spanner in hand I pulled out the jack and tools and started raising the car to change the tyre in the parking […]