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Definitely a wintry day here in Israel

Today was very much a wintry day here in Israel. It was freezing cold, and rained for most of the day. Thankfully I work from home!

I still prefer this weather to the Israeli Summer!

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Technically Autumn, and yet

I popped out for a walk after a relatively sedentary morning. It’s technically Autumn, but still pretty hot.

At the same time, those clouds have returned so there is a seasonal change on the way. Thank goodness.

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Fallen pods

It looks like the remnants of Spring are going away, as Summer digs in here in Israel. These pods have been falling from their trees for a couple weeks now. We had especially hot weather yesterday, and it seems to have accelerated the process. This morning, ground near these trees was covered in these dried up seed pods. I wanted to capture the scene before they’re swept away.

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Musings about that Autumn feeling

We had a long, hot summer this year (much like last year). After teasing us for a couple weeks, that Autumn feeling is setting in. The days are cooler and after a sort of “warm wave”, it looks like the temperatures are starting to drop as Winter approaches.

My favourite seasons are Spring and Autumn. I’m not a big fan of the extremes although I don’t mind Winter that much, certainly not compared to Summer. I went for a walk in my neighbourhood last weekend with my camera to try and capture some of that Autumn feeling.

The change to Autumn

I love the fallen leaves and the cool air that usually accompany them. There is something about these leaves and the blossoms that herald Spring’s arrival that invigorate me.

At the playground

I also love the longer shadows this time of year. I’m not sure if they are actually longer than other times of the year but it seems that way. It’s probably more because the days are so much shorter so by the time I head out with my camera, the sun is already pretty low.

Long shadows

Of course, this is also the time of the year we haul out all out winter gear ahead of the cold weather that is slowly making its way to Israel. The one downside is travelling a little heavier for a few months but I don’t mind that too much.

Bringing out the cold weather gear