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  • Diabetic for 6 years

    Diabetic for 6 years

    Today is the sixth anniversary of my Diabetes diagnosis. I remember the morning I received the news from my doctor. I had gone for blood tests because I was feeling thirsty almost constantly, and I noticed that my vision was a little fuzzy. I discovered that these are two typical symptoms of Diabetes later. At…

  • It’s a running thing

    It’s a running thing

    Running and movies, all spliced together.

  • I don't see any quitters here … #Comrades2014

    I just saw this brief Twitter exchange between Kojo and Tanya: @TanyaKovarsky Whatever you decide, can always be proud of what you do. Don't need the validation but those of us on sidelines are in awe. — Kojo Baffoe (@kojobaffoe) June 1, 2014 As someone who has only just begun to understand what everyone else…

  • Some experiences are so fundamental to the human condition #running

    I watched this terrific video, “Focus: Portrait of a Runner“, and I begin to understand why people run and think that I may also embrace running one day. Focus: Portrait of a Runner – Sony F55 from Sean Michael on Vimeo.