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The Rosebank commuter

I grouped some of the photos I took this morning together into a set I’m calling “The Rosebank commuter”. It’s a working title, really, and it extends a couple photos I took while I was waiting for the train at the Rhodesfield Gautrain station a while ago which I titled “The commuter”.

I initially titled photos of one particular person “The Rosebank commuter” and as I edited more of my photos and came up with these particular ones I started thinking that, perhaps, the Rosebank commuter isn’t just one arbitrarily chosen commuter but rather a sort of multi-faceted personality and each of these people represent one of those facets.

You don’t really have to overthink it quite like I have, it’s just a thought that occurred to me while I was editing. I would like to know what you think about the photos?

Travel and places

Oxford Road this morning

Oxford Road this morning-1

I noticed this view when I parked at the Rosebank Gautrain station this morning and I had my camera with me.

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Ster Kinekor Prestige is SLOW Lounge of movie theatres

I saw Avengers again this afternoon at the Prestige theatre at Ster Kinekor, The Zone in Rosebank. It is a 3D theatre and is the SLOW lounge of movie theatres.

Very fancy, very nice and worth trying at least once or twice. It costs R85 per ticket and I’m not sure what the Discovery Vitality discount is.