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  • Why you’re not a morning person (unless you are)

    If you’re ever accused of being lazy or slacking off because you’re not a morning person or because you just want to have a quick nap and recharge, there is a body of science backing you up!

  • There is no perfect diet for humans

    Put down your pitchforks, there is no perfect diet for everyone. Professor Eran Segal’s talk at a July 2016 TEDxRuppin event reveals how individual diets really are.

  • How Instapaper could be an even better research tool

    I love Instapaper. It is my “read it later” app and, increasingly, one of my favorite research tools too. I had an idea for how it can be better for research and thought I’d explain how.

  • How brands fail to really engage and don’t realize it

    As marketers we think that we are “engaging” with our “target market” when we run “campaigns” on various social media platforms. We point to various indicators of our successes which range from social signals like retweets, Likes, +1s and comments of various sorts along with some sort of secondary success metric. The industry has come a […]