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Twitter comes to the rescue as @PigSpotter helps co-ordinate hijack rescue

Hijack rescue co-ordinated through Twitter

I saw this headline this morning in The Star (read the article on IOL):

An sms and social network frenzy saved a Joburg man who was trapped in his car boot after being hijacked at the weekend.

What a terrific story and a great ending for the poor guy who was hijacked. I disagree that Twitter is a truly useful social network for personal sharing but when it comes to social signalling, Twitter is possibly the best tool available. This story just demonstrates its effectiveness.

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Dramatic rescue highlights importance of strapping kids in

An amazing rescue took place on a Southern California highway after a truck rear ended a BMW carrying a mother and her two children, one of which is an 11 week old infant. The rescue itself is pretty dramatic and the convergence of events is almost incredible. The one thing that stood out is that the 11 week baby emerged in the best shape and this was pretty much due to her being strapped into her car seat at the time of the accident.

(Source: Guy Kawasaki on Google+)