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  • Learning to code and the argument for bribing our kids to read

    Our son’s new interest in learning to code prompted me to think about how I could link this hobby to persuading him to read more. In doing so, it seems to me that there is a strong argument to be made for bribery.

  • The NeverEnding Story finally makes sense to me

    I watched The NeverEnding Story with our kids this evening and it all finally made sense to me, partly with the help of a quote by Neil Gaiman.

  • Will these libraries appeal to our kids in a digital future?

    I noticed this post on Facebook about 6 buildings that are helping to redefine libraries. I wonder: will these libraries appeal to our kids as much as the more traditional libraries in our cities appealed to us when we were young and lacked the digital devices our kids have? In an age when Google can replace […]

  • Enjoying some quiet time in our hotel room at the Tsogo Sun Silverstar Hotel with some reading material and tea. Silverstar Casino, Mogale City Local Municipality, West Rand District Municipality, RSA

  • I typically have a few books on the go at a given point in time and it takes me a long time to get through any particular book. These are the books I’m working through lately. What are you reading?