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My new Rams Field Notes notebooks

I finally received my latest order from Field Notes: the Rams notebooks with dot graph paper. They also arrived just in time, I’m about to finish one of my Three Missions notebooks, and was debating which one to use next.

The Three Missions notebooks use graph paper, which is fine for what I do, but I think I much prefer the dot graph paper like my Pitch Black notebooks that I received earlier this year.

My plan has been to stick with one notebook at a time, but I find that the larger sized Pitch Black notebook may be a better size for my work notes in some cases. That said, the smaller notebooks are so much easier to slip into a back pocket.

My real challenge is probably more my indecision when it comes to deciding which one to use next!

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I keep wanting to buy more Field Notes notebooks …

I keep wanting to buy more Field Notes notebooks, but I’m not going through the ones I do order fast enough to justify buying more.

In the meantime, I really should have chosen a faster shipping method for my Rams order. I’m nearly finished my current notebook, and my order hasn’t arrived yet.

I can’t decide which to use next: another Three Missions notebook or another Pitch Black notebook with dot graph paper (my favourite)?