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  • All for our kids

    I’ve just put our kids to sleep. My wife is at a meeting tonight so it was my chance to read them a bedtime story about a rhino and its compulsion to run everywhere before putting our daughter to bed first. I had a realisation while I listened to her breathing deeply that I’ve felt…

  • Passion

    I like this interpretation of “passion” from an article titled “The Real Meaning of Passion and Purpose“: To be passionate about something is to believe in the meaning you anticipate it to deliver — whatever “it” is — and to possess an intense desire to continue into the fray.

  • The cancer life purpose test

    I had a sobering thought earlier this evening. If I found out I had cancer and a long life is not likely, am I living the life I would want to live in the little time I would have left? I can think of a few things I would change, both things I do and…