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  • Still working on a more convenient publishing workflow on mobile

    My publishing workflow for my site on desktop is convenient enough. I’d love to be able to share on mobile as conveniently. I’m just not there yet. That’s probably why this quote resonates with me: This is important. I need to enjoy the workflow and publishing experience. For me, it’s technical and I want to […]

  • It makes no difference

    This quote echoes my inner musings about my blog lately (as much as I love having my own space on the Web): Seriously, who cares when anything on my site got posted. For the vast majority of things I’m writing it makes absolutely no difference what-so-ever.  My blog is a digital garden, not a […]

  • Online publishing will not die if Medium fails

    Medium has pivoted again and its success could hold the key for a more sustainable online publishing industry. Even if it fails, it won’t mean the death of publishing.

  • Journalism as a service

    One of Jeff Jarvis’ suggestions for creating a more sustainable news publishing industry is to treat journalism as a service, rather than as a commodity content factory. That appeals to me and I hope that is what the future holds.

  • Facebook can’t censor your blog posts

    Don’t use services you don’t control as your primary way to share with the world. Facebook can’t censor your blog posts. Publish important stuff on your platforms.

  • Do fewer people trust bloggers?

    Do fewer people trust bloggers the more people take to the Web to publish their thoughts and use their newfound publishing platforms to pitch their products, services and talents?

  • Maybe Medium isn’t a publishing platform. Perhaps it’s really just a fancy RSS reader?

  • Open source WordPress app on all platforms is good news for the open Web

    An open source WordPress app on all platforms is good news for the open Web in a time when there seem to be more high walls around platforms.