Air Force base on paper

Our son created this air force base with paper. He is very proud of it and I decided to document it before it is relegated to the Great Craft Afterlife (aka, the rubbish bin).

I like the dramatic look of the photos. It’s a fun perspective on his craft project. I’m not sure my son will be satisfied with my interpretation, though. He already told me he wants to take photos with his phone too (he has an old Samsung A3 which he uses as an entertainment device at home).


A little project: Stuff to teach our kids

I started a little project for our kids yesterday. It is still pretty early stage and nothing fancy but my son wanted me to share it with, well, everyone. It is called “Stuff to teach our kids“:

Our kids, probably like yours, are insatiably curious about the world around them. I started off sharing videos with them in a playlist on YouTube. I then started finding other things elsewhere on the Web to show them and had an idea: why not create a website with videos, links and other resources that they can learn from?

This is just a little space I created for our kids. It may have stuff your kids would find interesting too. If you found interesting stuff for kids, get in touch and share it? I may share it here.

I decided to create a WordPress site for it because the stuff that my kids are interested may interest other kids and I am a fan of sharing knowledge on the Web, generally speaking.

At the moment my strategy is to write up posts with videos, quotes and links about topics our kids ask me about. I also like the idea of being able to point our kids to a single resource to begin their learning journey. I realised that I was collecting materials from all over the Web to share with them and it made sense to share it all this way.

Yesterday the kids asked me about tsunami’s so I published this:

We watched an episode of COSMOS: A Spacetime Odyssey this morning and I had to share some information about Tardigrades:

If you have any great resources, tips or fascinating topics to share with our kids, let me know? I have started compiling a list of sources I use when I want to research topics for the kids on the site.

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James Day ruined wedding photography: “I did what everyone else told me would be impossible.”

Australian wedding photographer, James Day, just ruined wedding photography for everyone else with one of the most ambitious projects I’ve come across: delivering the finished wedding album on the day of the wedding!

I knew I had to do something absolutely insane for Michael (Gray) & Jane. With Jane being my wife’s identical twin and Michael being one of Australia’s best wedding photographers… I just had to go all out.

I wanted to surprise Michael & Jane with something that they’d never forget. We also had to deliver this surprise before the end of the wedding day.

I can only imagine the stress he and his team were under on the day to do what everyone else said would be impossible but the expressions on the bride and groom’s faces, alone, was probably worth it. This video will give you an idea of what went into making this happen:

Wow, just wow. I love this story.

Photo credit: James Day

Story via PetaPixel.

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Lunchtime project: a primitive cardboard projector

Our son is home sick so we came up with the idea of making a cardboard projector during lunch today. We used an old Jungle Oats cereal box, a toilet roll core and cling wrap for a basic lens.

We secured the cling wrap using an elastic band (hair elastic in our case) and we stuck a small piece of paper in the shape of a tree on the lens.

It is really primitive and we worked out that the LED on an iPhone projects a very clear silhouette through the projector.

Our son is working on a rocket shape to project on his cupboard door which has glow in the dark shapes and he is going to create a sort of shadow movie for his sister.