Air Force base on paper

Our son built an air force base with paper and he was justifiably proud of it. I wanted to capture it in photos before we eventually send it to its final resting place.

A little project: Stuff to teach our kids

I started a little project yesterday called “Stuff to teach our kids” and it is basically a blog which I’m using to collate and share information about topics our kids ask me about.

James Day ruined wedding photography: “I did what everyone else told me would be impossible.”

Australian wedding photographer, James Day, just ruined wedding photography for everyone else with one of the most ambitious projects I’ve come across: delivering the finished wedding album on the day of the wedding! I knew I had to do something absolutely insane for Michael (Gray) & Jane. With Jane being my wife’s identical twin and […]

Lunchtime project: a primitive cardboard projector

Our son is home sick so we came up with the idea of making a cardboard projector during lunch today. We used an old Jungle Oats cereal box, a toilet roll core and cling wrap for a basic lens. We secured the cling wrap using an elastic band (hair elastic in our case) and we […]

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