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  • What? Me? Procrastinate?

    What? Me? Procrastinate?

    Wow, Tim Urban’s TED Talk just speaks to why I procrastinate and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

  • Overcoming procrastination, when you get to it

    Overcoming procrastination, when you get to it

    Procrastination can be really frustrating. Here is a great video about how to overcome it, perhaps when you are procrastinating.

  • Just start something

    Just start something

    How often do you find yourself saying you’ll start something when the conditions are perfect or when you have perfected some or other detail?

  • Blogging with less pressure

    Gina Trapani published her rules for blogging in her post about “Short-form blogging” which reminded me about an anxiety I still seem to have about blogging: if I’m not going to write a really substantive post, I shouldn’t bother. One of her rules is this one: If it’s a paragraph, it’s a post. Medium-sized content…