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  • Confessions of a police assassin: fine journalism

    Confessions of a police assassin: fine journalism

    The Guardian’s piece about the confessions of a police assassin in Manipur is an example of the kind of journalism I hope will survive into the future.

  • Daily Maverick reveals evidence of the Marikana Murders

    Many of us remember the old days when the police vans were yellow and were manned by white men engaged in a racially-motivated campaign to dominate, control and oppress the majority racial group in this country. It was a dark time in this country’s history and one which we hoped was firmly in the past…

  • A lesson on how to behave when caught speeding from @garethcliff

    I just watched Gareth Cliff’s arrest video and what strikes me is that he doesn’t behave like a self-righteous celeb when he is arrested (at least, we didn’t see anything in the video suggesting he behaved like that) and when he was interviewed afterwards, he basically said he was careless and accepted that there will…