Tag: Plants

  • A dozen blooming flowers in a time lapse video

    I just watched this mesmerising video of these beautiful flowers opening with my daughter. Great start to a day. http://youtu.be/LjCzPp-MK48

  • Featured in @VSCO Grid this week

    I’m pretty pleased that one of my photos is featured in VSCO Grid this week. This tree grows in my mother’s garden and I was trying to find a perspective on the tree that felt interesting to me and this shot pretty much did that for me. I still haven’t found my ideal perspective on…

  • Colours and contrasts with flowers

    I went for a walk the other day with my camera in my neighbourhood and came across some beautiful subject matter. I’m not sure whether I really ever do subject matter like this justice when I shoot it but I feel compelled to capture it as best I can regardless. Two things stood out for…

  • Not so easy shooting Jasmine

    I spent some time shooting a Jasmine bush today and I found it tricky taking decent shots. My style seems to be pretty focused when it comes to flowers and Jasmine bushes are really busy plants to shoot. I think I captured a couple good ones, at least photos I like. I’ll see how they…

  • Spring in my click

    Spring in my click

    I started Spring with my camera in my hands. We have two plum trees growing in our garden so I started Monday and this morning with an impromptu photo shoot of the blossoms on the trees. Here is a taste of the two albums I published to Flickr: The albums are: Spring Day blossoms; and…

  • White flower

    One more photo and then I have work to do. I love the depth of field effect, especially for photos like this:

  • Peach blossoms

    I took these at a peach orchard recently.

  • Awesome sunflower photo

    I love great sunflower photos and always seem to be on the wrong side of the highway when driving past a sunflower field with my camera. I came across this photo after linking to Nick van der Leek’s Flickr photo stream and I love it: I feel a strong need to take loads of photos…